Thursday 24 April 2008

BUM2008 is fast approaching!

Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2008


Deadline for Registration/Payment has been extended to next Tuesday, 29th April 2008, at 17:00 hrs., to try to accommodate those laissez-faire individuals who find it so difficult to change their "Last-minute is us" procrastinating bad habit!!!!!!!

1st May 2008 at Lake Club, Subang Jaya, don't miss it!
"Raja Petra Kamarudin is that "Surprise speaker" flagged off in our earlier Post dated March 24, 2008 for the Evening Brainstormy Session."

  • Remove thumbs from bums.
  • Engage brains in gear.
  • Arise from thy slumbering.
  • Don't be a last-minute bum.

Procrastinate no more, the deadline (it is 5pm TODAY 24th April 2008) fast approaches, don't miss embarking the bum-boat, BUM2008 sets sail soon.

All aboard!!

Shake the moths out from your purses and wallets, rake together the princely sum of RM50.00 then pay your dues to register your attendance at BUM2008.

Hope to see you there.

Lectori Salutem

- Greetings to the reader


chong y l said...

Dear MM:

Deadline for Registration/Payment has been extended to next Tuesday, April 28, 2008 -- apparently, Malaysians find it very difficult to change their last-minute doing things habit, like some Journalists-lah!:)

Thanks matey for your PR! ~~ Desi, Chair, BUM22008 Org Comm

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for the update Desi.
The date should be Tuesday, 29th April 2008 though?

chong y l said...

hanks MM for minding my cuntfoosed mind -- ERRATA, part of my nick, is taken care of:)

PS: When I start a nu'espaper after getting that 20mil for my blue heave, would you like to be Chief Sub-Editor?:) Pay wellA -- enuf for endless rounds of tehtarik -- I don't no about kambing tho, cos it's gone for a long walk wit' Mary!:)

mindful mariner said...

Over & Out!