Friday 18 April 2008

NS MB says: Projects in PD will benefit people

PD Town

[This image and those satellite images below are from Google Earth]
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NS Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan

Is this really true?
I don’t think so!

NS Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan has lashed out at bloggers regarding their blog entries questioning his recent announcement of proposed development projects in Port Dickson, HERE

He said they should check their facts before criticising the projects which would benefit the people.

I think he needs to check his facts!

Mohamad Hasan recently announced that PD town, which is located at the end of a stretch of what was once pristine beaches, but are now rather an eyesore, with many abandoned hotels, uncompleted buildings, some on reclaimed land.

The reclaimed land at PD town, which lay unused for years

This was a Safuan Group project

The past reclamation projects (see an example in Google Earth satellite picture above) along the PD coast have evidently caused detrimental effects on the natural environment, such as erosion of the beaches, and deposition of mud on the coastline.

Some beaches have even had to be replenished with sand at great public expense!

The NS MB announced that Port Dickson would have a duty-free zone and a new Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex once a multi-million Ringgit land reclamation project is completed.

The other tourist support facilities planned are a multi-purpose jetty, hotels, shopping complexes and office blocks, blaaah, blaaah, blaaah!

Speaking after the state government executive council meeting yesterday, Mohamad Hasan was reported as saying that the project would not destroy any part of the beach as the reclamation would be carried out near the town.

(NOTE: The beach has already been adversely affected by previous detrimental 'development' projects, this additional reclamation will only add to the problem)

Does he really know what he is talking about, maybe not, if his advisers have not explained the implications of such a project ?

Any reclamation of the sea, or coastal areas can cause fundamental, and often harmful changes, to the marine and coastal environment, these effects can even occur many miles away from the area being reclaimed.

Who will be visiting the PD beaches in droves anyway?

Port Dickson beach front

Many of the existing hotels, serviced apartments and other accommodation are run down, partially open and largely empty most of the time, some projects have been abandoned, why then build even more hotels?

Indonesia (Dumai) is not too far away by sea, but it is doubtful there are many Indonesians who would want to spend a few days on the seafront in Port Dickson, if they want to shop, they have better facilities in Kuala Lumpur, and elsewhere.

Passengers from cruise liners would, in my opinion, will not find Port Dickson an attractive port of call.

The public would get a chance to give their input, Mohamad Hasan said, that should be interesting!

He also stated that the Seremban / Port Dickson train service proposal was another project which the state hoped would boost tourist arrivals to the beach destination.

Years ago passenger trains ran to PD, this was stopped due to lack of passengers, so what's new!

Port Dickson is a now a failed beach resort, if it is to regain its former glory, sensible, practical and cost effective projects need to be implemented, and not mega buck fantasy projects, which will enrich the developers and their crony's and then will quickly become more white elephants to join the herd already encamped along the Port Dickson beach front!

Splendide mendax

- Splendidly false.

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