Sunday 13 April 2008

Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics!

The gap between the rich and the poor? "Not very much!"

EPU Household Income Report: see BERNAMA report HERE

The report from the Star Business Section entitled "Correct structural issues involving household incomes" HERE is an eye opener, and gives a good analysis the statistics churned out by the Malaysian Statistics Department which are often used as propaganda food by the BN Federal Government, and by subservient agencies of the civil service (e.g. Economic Planning Unit) to produce dubious reports, these reports invariably are unrealistic when compared to the ‘real world’ situation.

Since the beginning of 2008, prices of many foodstuffs have increased tremendously in Malaysia, just ask any housewife who is trying to feed her family, the ends often do not meet now!

In some cases prices have gone up by up by 50%, for example check yourselves the increase retail prices of the following products compared to what they were in the last quarter of 2007.

Butter (and all milk products), liquid and powdered milk, bread and cakes, flour, cereals, rice and other grains, fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, household incomes have been stagnant, (the influx of foreigners who are very low paid, they could even be called 'slave labour' has depressed wages and reduced job opportunities for Malaysians) of course the statistics say the average household income is RM 3,686 but there must be a huge percentage of families with a household income of less than RM 1,000 per month , this means that a very small percentage of the population gets most of the money. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!


Stagnant wages + Less employment + Retail price increases

= Greater poverty for more people

What Benjamin Disraeli said holds true,


Fallaces sunt rerum species

- The appearances of things are deceptive.


chong y l said...

hI my mariner minding me-- hope you come ashore at Desi's Place on Monday, when I gonna "curi" your good peice today to make it gooder. I cant lay on 3 layers of peanut butter anyAmore, so reduce to 2 and 'curi" other people's goods. That's hwat is called chanelling an AP elsewhere.

When CYusof joins thee kambing ashore, we must report for tasting duty at Lingam's, or the lambs won't report for duty at Warren Buffet's table at LakeView cometh Labor Dae:)

Anonymous said...

Most people in the street will easily accept general statements like:-

1) Prices have risen, more than what the statistics say.
2)The government statistics are a distortion of reality and only serves a propaganda purpose.
3) The government is responsible for the price increases.
4) The government is not doing enough or continuing bad policies that make prices increase.

Straight Talk from the Mamak Stall.