Saturday 26 April 2008

Mahathir wants Western Leaders to be Charged with Iraq War Crimes.


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In a speech at Imperial College in London, organised by The Ramadhan Foundation, (which is a leading British Muslim youth organisation working for peaceful coexistence and dialogue between communities) on Friday 25th April 2008, Mahathir Mohamad, who was Malaysian PM from 1981 until 2003, called for an international tribunal to try Western leaders regarding alleged war crimes arising from the war in Iraq.

Mahathir chose not speak about or answer questions from students (they must have been Malaysian students?) on the political situation in Malaysia, where the current PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is facing strong demands to resign, and where there is a lot of political infighting, elements of fifth columnists, and much behind the scenes political manoeuvring in UMNO following the unprecedented setbacks for UMNO and the National Front Coalition it leads, in the March general elections.

The speech was reported to have been attended by some 450 people and about 200 more were turned away.

Mahathir had reportedly visited Cuba earlier in the week and had taken part in the inaugural International Conference of the Cuban Centre for Studies on Defence Information.

Meanwhile he has been out of the news in Malaysia

See the full news report about this in the Straits Times of Singapore HERE

Quid novi ex Malaysia

-What of the new out of Malaysia?

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