Wednesday 16 April 2008

An unlikely tale in the NST

By Shabery & the NST

A Short Fairy Story from the NST

“Traditional media such as television and newspapers no longer have the credibility that they once commanded among readers and viewers.”

That at least is partly true, I would have phrased if:

Traditional media such as television and newspapers now have no credibility whatsoever.

The UMNO controlled New Staits Times reported today, 16th April 2008, that the Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek said that the public no longer believed everything they read in the newspapers or heard on television, (most of which are known to be controlled or directly or indirectly owned by political parties inclined towards the government.

"Times have changed. The public does not believe everything that the newspapers write these days.

"Unlike before, when everything said in the newspapers was taken in lock, stock and barrel by readers, today, the public have become more sceptical.

"They want to know who owns the newspaper, who the editors are and so on before they decide to believe them.

"This was not the practice before,"

Shabery reportedly had said that after launching the International Development Journalism programme organised by the Malaysian Press Institute and the Media Studies Institute of University Malaya on 15th April 2008.. He said government-controlled news organisations should instil more credibility in their newspaper articles and television reports in order to regain the public's trust that has been dwindling in recent years. Otherwise, the public would be more inclined to believe everything that the alternative media wrote, he added.

"But all said and done, I would like to say here that traditional media editors are more responsible in what they publish in their newspapers.


"The same is not seen in the alternative media. That is why there have been instances where the writers from the alternative medium have been hauled to court for writing things as they please without verifying the facts."


What is the new minister of misinformation and shameless propaganda really saying?

Sounds to me like he is telling the MSM to tell lies more credibly, distort the news in a creative and more believable way.

What tack is he on; this seems to be some form of reverse psychology, or the ‘bullshit baffles brains’ theory.

Best just to totally ignore him, and not to believe the MSM report at face value, learn to read between the lines, and try to sift out the lies to find the hidden truth, or better still turn to the alternative media!

And lastly, read this NST front-page headline story HERE this was published on 16th April 2008, what to make of this convoluted contrived concocted critique?

I'll let you make up your own minds!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallaces sunt rerum species

- The appearances of things are deceptive

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