Sunday 13 April 2008

Malaysia's PM plans to hand over power later this year!

Adiós Abdullah

The PM of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has finally accepted responsibility for Barisan Nasional’s very poor election results and is reported to be planning how he will hand over power to his deputy after UMNO General Assembly in December 2008, said UMNO vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin.

Abdullah reportedly assured party officials at a private meeting on Friday evening that he would discuss a succession plan with DPM Najib Razak, a party official reportedly said on condition of anonymity since he said he was not authorised to make any media statements.

Najib as Malaysia's PM, no way José!

Meanwhile, UMNO deputy president, and DPM Najib Razak said. UMNO would not issue any gag orders, which would suppress its leaders expressing their views as it “shows democracy is alive in the party”.

There has not been much, if any, democracy in UMNO thus far.

Perhaps this may be a new policy, or more likely it is just Najib, talking the talk?

The same goes for the following statement Najib made:

"What is important now is to provide an avenue to the grass roots to express their views in an open and sincere manner.”

The following statement from Najib sounds more like how an autocracy operates, rather than a democracy :

"We will then leave it to the party's leadership particularly the UMNO president to come up with the best measures to reform the party and regain the people's trust," he said.

There is report from CNN HERE

Under the headline Malaysia’s PM Badawi plans to hand over power”

See BBC report HERE

Under the headline Malaysian PM hints at hand over”

"Malaysia's embattled Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has signalled he would support a transition of power to his deputy.

The move comes after the government suffered its worst ever showing in last month's general election.

Since them Mr Abdullah has been under intense pressure from within his own party to step aside.

While his UMNO party won the election, the surge in opposition support left him vulnerable."

Obviously UMNO and BN is in a state of flux, and is very very unstable, UMNO leaders appears to be nervously jockeying for position and secretly trying to decide which horse to back, anything could happen, however BN and it's components political parties look as though they are in big trouble.

Malaysiakini reports: HERE “BN will topple, get ready", [extract below-]

by Fauwaz Adbul Aziz | Apr 12, 08 7:17pm

"Gear up and change your mind-set from that of opposition leaders to that of government, because the possibility of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) taking over at the federal level is becoming very real, PAS Youth told PR parliamentarians and state representatives today.”

We live in very interesting times!

A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi

- A precipice in front, wolves behind

(between a rock and a hard place)


Observer said...

which part mentioned explicitly this year ?

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for the comment Freethinker.
Political staatements are never clear and explicit.
It could be later this year, maybe after the December UMNO GA, or even earlier than that, or perhaps after that, which may go into 2009.

However, all things considered, 'Later this year' is an accurate enough 'guestimate'.

fishtail said...

By the time so-called 'power' is finally handed over to Najib, that wallah may find himself not as PM, but as Opposition Leader, haha!!