Wednesday 2 April 2008

Is Malaysia edging towards a two party political system?

A new Political Coalition is to be formed, which will be most likely be named Pakatan Rakyak (Peoples’ Alliance), this will hopefully be a step forward towards an eventual two party non-racial, non-religious political system in Malaysia.
For the first time there will be a united and a strong opposition.

Let us hope that is the case, since that would be a great step forward towards a truly Malaysian Malaysia.

After their big wins in the recent general elections, the leaders of three Malaysian political parties, PKR, DAP and PAS, have reportedly all agreed to consolidate their current close co-operation by forming a coalition to be named Pakatan Rakyat.

PKR adviser Anwar Ibrahim announced that Pakatan Rakyat, would be led collectively by the three parties, however it would uphold the rights and interests of all Malaysians.

A joint secretariat, comprised of three representatives of each party, has been formed to develop and strengthen the framework and the structure of Pakatan Rakyat.

When he was asked about how PAS and DAP, which have differing ideologies, would approach the coalition, Anwar replied that they worked together on principles like justice and fairness.

"We are committed to a reform programme backed by the spirit of the Constitution.”

"I don't see any difficulty. We have reached a consensus,"
he reportedly said.

When he was asked which party would dominate the coalition, Anwar replied that the dominant force was the rakyat.

"The agenda is clear. It makes no difference whoever is the Menteri Besar. They are tied to policies determined by Pakatan Rakyat."

The leaders of PAS and DAP echoed Anwar's sentiments.

Replying to questions on alleged intentions by PAS to form an Islamic state, Anwar and Abdul Hadi (PAS) both said it was an issue that should not be made contentious any more.

"It was not mentioned in the PAS manifesto and has not been mentioned for a long time.
"It is no longer an issue," Anwar said.

Abdul Hadi, said "the issue should not be raised to create trouble and that the truth was that Islam as a religion supported basic principles such as fighting corruption and creating good governance."

Speaking on the failed attempt to create a workable coalition via the Barisan Alternatif in 1999, Lim Kit Siang (DAP) said 'they had learnt the lesson from that first, abortive attempt at forming a multi-ethnic opposition front."

"We have learnt and come together on common principles that the people can support," he said.

Accensa domo proximi, tua quoque periclitatur

- When the house of your neighbour is in flames, your own is in danger


chong y l said...

mindfool or full -- 24 after?
"Accensa domo proximi, tua quoque periclitatur
- When the house of your neighbour is in flames, your own is in danger" -- I like this, reminds me of zakaria palace -- will it become a museum peice or go up in one BIG bonfire like in V:4Vendetta, Disember 5 eh? Desi, knottyaSsusual, as is MM somedimes!:):) cometh MayDay! MayDie for some Klangites...

mindful mariner said...

Thanks Desi, here's an Irish toast to you.

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BTVV the Gunpowder plot was on 5th NoVember