Sunday 20 April 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, English tutorial

Since this year's Olympic Games will be held in China later this year, on 8th August 2008 to be presise, the visiting athletes and officials better beware; the notices, menus and signs they see, which have been translated to English, may be somewhat confusing.

Please refer to the examples below for an brief overview and mini tutorial.

Be sure to follow all instructions carefully, swallow only!

The cuisine offered may be rather unfamiliar!

Salads may be hot as well as cold!

Meat balls may be testes!

To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

Pay attention to all notices!

If your English language skills are not yet up to standard, study hard!

The Japanese are getting the best English language lessons, just to be sure they fully understand everything!

If you need funds, or help with other more serious problems, please feel free to visit one of these self-help facilities in Beijing.

This H.O.T. Machine, or Self Activated Termination Equipment (SATE),
will be of great help.

Having fun is not an option.

and be very careful when shopping

Watch out for this type of supermarket!

When using the public conveniences, watch out, and be sure to follow all the instructions very very carefully.

When visiting Beijing for the 2008 Olympics , have a great time!

Don't worry if you've had one drink too many, other folks will be warned in advance.

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Keep politics out of sports and vice versa!

If you are fortunate enough to be able to visit China during the 2008 Olympic Games, have a wonderful time, enjoy the sports and try to get some sightseeing in too.

China has lots of cultural treasures for visitors to see.

Nemo risum praebuit, qui ex se coepit

- Nobody is laughed at, who laughs at himself.

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Did wan Desi fool of errataor one ex-MB of Selangor help writHe/write those fanny signs?:) I must learn ingeris from chinoserie to fill in OZ immigration forms properly sext time -- I had to stay in the lockup why I was not aloud to bring in/ooouch RM2.4million when the l=blardy Oz cuntry will benefit from my charity:(