Tuesday 10 June 2008

Najib Talks More Crap in London

An Artist's Impression of Najib, Talking Crap as per Usual

D P M Najib Razak reportedly said in London, where he is frittering away tax-payers money together with his wife and a herd of ball carriers, that the cost-cutting measures announced by the P M showed that the government was willing to share the burden in facing price hikes along with the people.

What the hell is he prattling on about?
The 'government's money' is the peoples' money!

"It will not be appropriate or fair for the people alone to face this, as the Government has also taken the responsibility to reduce expenditure with its cost-cutting measures,” he told journalists in London before attending the Commonwealth Mini Summit.

Najib called on Malaysians to change their mindset and seek alternative sources of energy, and not just rely on petrol. He said they could consider electric cars.

What a clown Najib is!

Pray tell us Najib, where to buy electric cars in Malaysia , apart from golf buggies?

If such electric cars are indeed available, then pray tell us ignorant peasants how much they cost!

What utter bullshit, verbal diarrhoea and pathetic patronising prattle from this pompous prick!

"Where do politicians (like Najib) come from?

Why, they come from Uranus!"

- Neal Boortz


Anonymous said...

It is always in their minds that govt money is their money that should go into their pockets. So this shows he is being nice trying to 'lighten' the burden of the rakyat. Actually he is helping to lighten our pockets...

chong y l said...

come come, first it was AM cursing "Go eat shit and die!"

Now MM cursing "bullshit!"

THat's knot very niZe, as Desi is milder:

Wit' some adapting/praygiarthming:)

*Go eat shit aMore and die slowly!
* Cock and Bullshitting!"

PS: my udderstands if no Ros-smothin' is knot misstaken, DPM is from Venus:(

PPS: so when is our Sext fest at Lingam's-- coopting anywan sailor boys/gals?