Saturday 21 June 2008

Safe Sex in Antarctica

One of the final shipments to the United States research base in Antarctica before the onset of winter darkness was an ample supply of condoms.

McMurdo base station manager Bill Henriksen reportedly said:

"nearly 16,500 condoms were delivered last month and would be made available, free, to staff throughout the year to avoid the potential embarrassment of having to buy them."

The base only has a minimum number of staff through the long , cold and dark southern winter and presumably there is very little to do inside and going outside is all but impossible!.

Henriksen was reported to have told a New Zealand newspaper.

“Since everybody knows everyone, it becomes a little bit uncomfortable,”

Approximately 125 scientists and other staff are stationed at McMurdo Station which is the largest community in Antarctica, during the winter months when there is darkness around the clock.

The first sunrise will occur in Antarctica on 20th August.

The McMurdo Station population starts to rise again when the weather improves in September, and rises to over 1,000 personnel.

You do the maths!

Better to be safe than sorry, in the frigid south.

E re nata

- As circumstances dictate

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