Friday 20 June 2008

I am Really Hardcore About This Issue!

How come your are rich & I am poor?

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I get really annoyed when reading the Malaysia newspapers and listening to the Malaysian
TV and radio, and quite often seeing and hearing references to "the hardcore poor". This inept use of the word 'hardcore' is very common in Malaysia.

This incorrect usage was probably started by some self centred, greedy, brainless twerp of a politician (that maybe includes all of them) some time ago; and seems to have become the expression of choice when describing the chronically, or perhaps one could say the endemically poor in Malaysia, who have been neglected by the system and are as a result as poor as a church mouse.

Hardcore, as can be seen by the various definitions listed below, is a most unsuitable word to use when describing the poorest of the poor.
Are they stubbornly poor,  
aggressively poor,

electing to be poor,

resisting becoming better off,

explicitly poor,
loyally poor,

steadfastly poor, or whatever?
No, they are just bloody well poor, they have insufficient food, inadequate shelter, slum like housing and are unable to properly educate and care for their children and extended family.

The government should, instead of labelling them with an inappropriate, and if I may say so, a most offensive designation, take positive and effective urgent action to completely eradicate poverty in oil rich Malaysia.

Minister's aide says: "The gap between the rich and the poor is not very much"
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Ministers, get your fat backsides out of your overstuffed armchairs located in palatial offices and residences and do more than just talk incessantly.
Urgent and effective action is needed now!

Never again use the disgusting term “HARDCORE POOR”
Realistic Immediate Needs:-

-  Set a realistic minimum wage.
How about RM 12.50 per hour?
-  Set the chronic poverty level as being any income
of less than RM 2,000
per month per household.
-  Be proactive instead of reactive and ensure
that all those in need of help,
the poor, the
elderly, the disabled, the sick and the orphaned
are taken care
of in an holistic and all encompassing way.

Various definitions of the word 'hardcore'

1. : stubbornly resistant to change or improvement;

"hardcore addicts"

2. :intensely loyal

"his hardcore supporters"

3.: extremely explicit

"hardcore pornography"



- intensely loyal;

"his hard-core supporters"


loyal - steadfast in allegiance or duty;

"loyal subjects"; "loyal friends stood by him


explicit, expressed - precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable; leaving nothing to implication;

"explicit instructions"; "she made her wishes explicit"; "explicit sexual scenes"



1. The most dedicated unfailingly loyal faction of a group or organisation:
the hard core of the separatist movement.

2. An intractable core or nucleus of a society, especially one that is
stubbornly resistant to improvement or change.

3. often hardcore (härdkôr, -kr) A form of exceptionally harsh punk rock.



1. a style of rock music characterized by short fast numbers with minimal melody and aggressive delivery

2. a type of dance music with a very fast beat

Slang use:



  1. ‘a lot of’.

“She's making hardcore money at her new job.”

  1. ‘extreme’.

“He's a hardcore skate-boarder.”

Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus

- Mountains will be in labour, and an absurd mouse will be born.

(all that work and nothing to show for it)


Anonymous said...

mGf: GOoD on you/thee/ye forinsisting on using proper English. Can VVe offer tuition to some of these miniSTERS and MBs -- ex-MB also can! -- some who confess they don't even know how to fill up Immigration forms on entering Australia. How to promote FDI then into NegaraKu-kuciao? -- Desi

mindful mariner said...

Anon 'D', hi to thee,

Yes siree
First is Samy ex-min Vee

Says he is 'Just a dust'
But can you trust?

'Just a dust' is anag for
'Just a stud'?

or perhaps more like it
'Us adjust t.........'

Manglish reigns
in the Malaysian way!!