Wednesday 4 June 2008

Malaysian Palm Oil Exports Fall 4% in May

More bad news.

Malaysian palm oil exports fell 3.8% in May 2008 compared to the previous month, according to a Reuters report.

A marine publication noted that Independent cargo surveyor Société Générale de Surveillance estimated that 1.26m tonnes of bulk palm oil shipments were tracked through Malaysian sea ports in May compared with 1.31m tonnes in April.

The largest importer of Malaysian palm oil was China, at 352,500 tonnes, followed by the EU at 234,000 tonnes, the US at 116,000 tonnes and Pakistan at 74,000 tonnes.

Shipments to China were down 10% while shipments to the EU were up by 11% and to the US up nearly 8%.

Not everything in the garden is lovely, me thinks that the federal government are using dubious statistics regarding many many things, including the inbound tourist arrivals. Ask any travel agent how his inbound business is!

The Malaysian economy may not be as robust as people are made to believe?

Tighten your belts folks, things, it seems, can only get worse!!!

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