Thursday 12 June 2008

Another fatal bus crash in Malaysia

An Express Bus with 32 Outstanding Traffic Summonses in Fatal Crash

A man was killed and the driver was critically injured when a Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur express bus carrying 26 passengers turned turtle and landed in a ditch at the side of the North-South Highway near Slim River on 11th June 2008 at about 4:15pm, the remaining 25 passengers were injured.

An unidentified man was trapped at the back of the bus and Fire and Rescue Department personnel had to extricate his body from the wrecked vehicle.

The bus driver Abdul Manaf Hamid, 44 year of age, was critically injured and was taken the Slim River Hospital.

The impact of the crash ripped of the whole roof of the 'Super Nice' bus, which had 32 outstanding traffic summonses issued against it.

Tanjung Malim OCPD Superintendent Mohd Ali Mat Nayan was reported as saying :-

"Initial investigations showed that the driver had lost control of the vehicle."

“However, we cannot confirm the cause of the accident as we have yet to record statements from the driver."

“The driver also had traffic summonses issued against him but they had all been settled."

UPDATE: 13th June 2008.

Police have determined that the driver of a Super Nice bus was speeding moments before the vehicle turned turtle and crashing in to a ditch, killing a passenger, Perak traffic chief Supt Wan Abdullah Ishak said.

The passenger who was killed a 26 year old man Muhammad Ziahulhaa Mohaidin

When will they ever learn!

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