Sunday 15 June 2008

Double Standards, Discrimination, Bribery and Corruption are all still Alive and Well in Malaysia

Thinking Prohibited, do as the Malaysian government says!

Double Standards and Discrimination

First this was reported in the Star on 13th June 2008:-

Malaysian Permanent Residents Who Own Vehicles are not entitled to cash rebates.

Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yaakop said

“Only Malaysian citizens were entitled to the rebate.

"It had been stated very clearly. Only vehicle owners who are Malaysian citizens get the rebate,"

he was reported to have said.

If had been stated very clearly, how come no one knew about it?

Permanent Residents Are Not Entitled To Claim Cash Rebates

Then on 14th June 2008, an arm Malaysian government propaganda machine, the national news agency BERNAMA reported:

Permanent residents (PR) are not entitled to claim cash rebates as it is strictly for eligible Malaysian citizens, Pos Malaysia Berhad (PMB) said Saturday.

In a statement,

PMB said this was to prevent unauthorised claims and protect the integrity of eligible vehicle owners.

It said customers were allowed to use their temporary identity cards or temporary police/army cards as part of the verification to claim the cash rebates, provided they brought along a second form of identification which was either a driving licence or a Malaysian passport.”

Regarding the PMB statement “this was to prevent unauthorised claims and protect the integrity of eligible vehicle owners”

What the hell does this meaningless bullshit mean?

Bullshit Prohibited

Malaysia continues to practice discriminatory double standards, and blatant discrimination; perhaps next we shall be told that only bumiputras are entitled to the rebate, to protect unauthorised claims and integrity of vehicle owners!!

Permanent residents have always had to pay the same taxes as Malaysian Citizens, their cars are the same price, they pay the same price for petrol and everything else (except for their National Registration Identity Cards which are dearer!), so why this outright outragious discrimination?

If PRs cannot claim the rebated, then they should be allowed to buy petrol and diesel at the previous price rates!

What a half-past-six, reactionary and useless government Malaysia has, no planning is carried out, financial matters are haphazard and bribery and corruption are truly endemic (see below)

The time for a change is undoubtedly at hand, perhaps there is not very long to wait now.

Abdullah, Najib and the rest of the bunch are ‘shitting in their own nests’ so fast and so much that they will have no choice but to vacate them very soon.

Adde parum parvo, magnus acervus erit

- Add a little to a little, and there will be a great heap

Then the UMNO bullshit will really hit the fan and soon BN / UMNO will be gone!

And as everyone should know, when the bullshit is removed from UMNO, there is nothing else of any substance left!!!

VICTIM = Malaysian Post Offices?


I am awaiting news of hold-ups at post offices (now well stocked with cash for the rebates) nationwide, as they must now be tempting soft targets for robbers.

Bribery and Corruption

This type of arrest is a rare occurrence in Malaysia; I cannot help but wonder whose toes this guy stepped upon?

A news report in the Star stated:

“A director in the Fire and Rescue Department based at the headquarters has been arrested by the Sarawak Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) for allegedly receiving bribes of RM925,000.

The 45-year-old suspect was arrested at the Putrajaya ACA headquarters on Wednesday.

Investigations showed that the suspect committed the offence on July 31, 2003 when he was a deputy director in the Fire Department headquarters.

The suspect was accused of accepting RM925,000 from a man in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

The money was meant to support the man’s proposal to create an office building and workshop for the Sarawak Fire Department.

It was learnt that the suspect had been living beyond his means for several years and owned several luxury cars and apartments in Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak.

The ACA would also be investigating his bank accounts.”

One down, many tens, (even hundreds) of thousand still to go?

There must also be many much bigger fish still awaiting the ACA hook.

Beneficium accipere libertatem est vendere

- To accept a favour is to sell freedom.

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