Wednesday 4 June 2008


PETROL TO GO UP BY 78 sen to RM2.70 per litre at 00:00 5th June 2008

Just seen this on malaysiakini.

"The Malaysian government has just announced that petrol price to go up by 78 sen at midnight tonight - a 40.6 percent jump from RM1.92 per litre to RM2.70."

The price for regular petrol per litre goes up by 74 sen.

Diesel will go up by RM1 per litre.

Stand by for major price rises all across the board.

TNB is sure to raise the tariff for electricity too.

Make more holes in your belts folks.

So much for all the bullshit in the last couple of days, when they said it would go up in August.

"Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied."

- Otto von Bismarck


foongpc said...

More bad news coming up! It's going to be a triple whammy for Malaysians. First, petrol price increase. Then TNB price hike. Next, it'll be the end of 20-day interest free periods for credit card holders who don't pay in full. This will take effect July 1st. Life's gonna be tough for Malaysians.

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for your comment foongpc.
many things will certainly go up in price.
Many Malaysians will be in for a very hard time.
Now the like of KJ are talking out of their arses saying that there need to be more price controls, blaah, blaah, blaah, for an Oxford educated guy, he really talks cock!