Tuesday 10 June 2008

And yet another fatal bus crash in Malaysia

A 65-year-old bus driver was killed on the spot after his vehicle collided with a four-wheel-drive at Kilometre 74 of the Kampung Raja / Tanah Rata road at Kuala Terla, Cameron Highlands on 9th June 2008 at about 11:30.

The bus was travelling downhill when the diver lost control and the bus crashed into a 4 x 4 which was going uphill in the opposite lane.

Cameron Highlands district police chief DSP Yahaya Othman was reported as saying that the 4 x 4 driver, identified as Mohd Zaini Shuib, 31, suffered a fractured arm and minor cuts and was admitted to hospital.

The seven passengers who were on the bus escaped with various injuries.

When will they ever learn?


fishtail said...

A 64 year old driver for the bus? Alamak!

mindful mariner said...

Fishail, thanks for visuiting and commenting.
I do not think that the drivers age of 64 years was a contributing factor, in many countries the retirement age is 65.
The lack of effective training, poor driving skills, no accident awareness and the failure to drive defensibly are some the things that many drivers lack, thus they are 'accidents looking for somewhere to happen'.
Road design also may have played a part, as well as tiredness.