Thursday, 1 May 2008

'Malaysians in Motion' - Around the World in 28 Months

Quote from Mark Twain, click on image for clearer view


An old friend, former colleague, and fellow mariner Captain Ghani Ishak, his wife Alison and their young son Adrian are undertaking a 28 month round-the-world five-stage expedition, the first leg of which is scheduled to be flagged off from London today, 1st May 2008, by H E the High Commissioner of Malaysia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The flagging-off in London on 1st May 2008, will be by the Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia, at 11:00 hours (UK time, Malaysia time - 7 hours). TV3 will be there, but will be for magazine footage and documentary, not the TV news.

Gloria filiorum patres
- The glory of sons is their fathers

For full details about the expedition, please see the Malaysians in Motion web site HERE

Also keep a look out for media coverage in Malaysia (TV3 and others) and elsewhere around the world.

See earlier news coverage HERE, HERE & HERE,

After the Quote from Mark Twain (see above) the first web page starts off with:

“Malaysians In Motion Expedition is a round the world overland expedition with a difference.

What makes us unique and separates us from other round the world trips are the team members, a family unit with limited experience and our 3 year old son.

The success of the expedition will no doubt inspire others with similar limited or without experience in outdoor adventures to take that step into the unknown.

The expedition will develop a true perspective of the ability of ordinary families to do what have been thought to be the domain of the exceptional few.”

Many folks, including me, will be keeping track of their progress around Europe on the first leg, then through Africa, thence to the Americas, Australia and on the fifth and final leg from Singapore (keep an eye open for them when they pass through Malaysia in May 2010) en route back to the United Kingdom, where they began, they are planning to arrive back in London in September 2010.

The do Malaysia proud, and will be excellent ambassadors-at-large.

So here’s wishing the adventurers 'bon voyage', may the wind be always at their back, and may the journey be enjoyable, safe and educational.

A posse ad esse

- From possibility to actuality

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