Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Could Raja Petra be held incommunicado?

There now seems to do some worrisome doubt if Raja Petra is in fact refusing to see all visitors, including his wife; could there be something more sinister?

It is possible that he could be held incommunicado, and is being denied his right to have visitors. After all he is only held on remand, and he is therefore entitled to visitors.

Could he have been assaulted, and the authorities want to keep him hidden away out of sight?

This is from the Malaysia Today website:

"updates 1247 : Puan Marina is on her way back to Sg. Buloh Prison (also known as Kuala Lumpur Remand Centre) with a lawyer, Matthaeus Cheng, to meet up with the Warden and get a letter from RPK to prove that he really requested not to be visited by any body at the moment.

This morning RPK's wife, Marina Lee went to the prison but RPK refused to see any body including Marina.

According to the Officer on duty, RPK has requested the prison official not to allow any one to visit him including family members and lawyers. Marina insisted to see him, but the Officer said he has to respect RPK's request.

Marina suspects that RPK is on hunger strike. She left a note and she hopes RPK will read it."

Watch this space, will post any news as soon as it is received.

An Invitation:

From Malaysia Today:

"There will be a vigil tonight (May 7, 2008 ) at 9.00pm at the main entrance of Sungei Buloh Prison. It will be a peaceful show of solidarity for Raja Petra. You are welcome to join."

Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo

Resolute/unhesitant in action, gentle in manner.

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