Monday, 19 May 2008

Ali Rustam’s erection revealed in Malacca.

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Taming Sari Tower, Malacca.

This copycat viewing tower (see below), with rides lasting seven minutes, was constructed using Swiss technology and is being touted as the highest of an estimated total 35 viewing towers worldwide, [this of course is pure unadulterated bullshit, as this latest addition to the Malacca tacky theme park concept, is the same height as a similar tower in Singapore, (see below) which is also 110 metres tall!!

If anyone wants to ride up the shaft of this new Ali Rustam vulgar erection in Malacca, in a rotating circular cabin, you had better move fast, it may well be “Rosak” (Out of Order) very soon; as preventive maintenance, or any other type of maintenance for that matter, has never been something Malaysia bothers about.

Another RM 23 million down the drain!

Another giant step backwards from Malacca receiving UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Calsberg Beer Sky Tower, Singapore 110 metres tall, tower rises to 131 metres above sea-level.

Tower height: 110m
View height: 131m from sea level
column diameter: 2.5m
Foundation diameter: 15m
Cabin capacity: 72 persons

Weight of Tower: 200 metric tonnes (197 tonnes)

Carlsberg Sky Tower, Singapore

Standing tall at a height of 110-metres high.

From the tower you will get picturesque 360-degree view of Singapore, Sentosa and the southern islands, during the seven minute rise, be it by day or night.

This constantly revolving air conditioned cabin has a capacity of 72 passengers with a speed of 1.2-metres per minute and travels to a height of 131-metres above sea level.

Once back on solid ground, head down for a Sky Beer from the SKYBAR, right next to the Sky Tower itself. This is just the right place to have a chilled beer with a view. You must try their unique extra-creamy Carlsberg Float, of ice cold Carlsberg beer. Cheers!!

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