Tuesday 14 July 2009

NTV7 host ‘reassigned’ after Najib gets a D rating

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Najib, is currently far away in
Sharm El-Sheikh. Egypt, one wonders why he went early Tuesday?
Could he not wait to see BN / UMNO defeated in the Manek Urai by-election?

(The by-election results will be known soon, all things being equal, by 12:00 GMT (8pm in Malaysia), however the main stream media most likely will be slow in reporting the expected BN / UMNO defeat by about 2,000 votes)

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Extract from: Blog CK Chew

"All her guest did was to give premier Najib Abdul Razak a ‘C’ or ‘D’ rating for his first 100 days in office.

It was enough to see ntv7 talk-show host Florence Looi being issued a warning letter and an immediate transfer to the news desk of the private television station.

Looi, who hosts the popular ‘Point of View’ current affairs programme, was said to have ‘breached editorial policy’, according to ntv7 sources.

The two guests on the talk-show, aired on July 5, were author Syed Akhbar Ali and consulting editor Leslie Lau of news portal Malaysian Insider. It was the latter’s remarks that landed Looi in trouble.

The sources said she was verbally told that she should not have asked her guests to rate Najib’s performance. As Looi is the host-cum-producer of the programme, she was the only one who received the warning letter.

Looi, who is assistant assignment editor, has since been reassigned to cover news, ostensibly because of a shortage of human resources at the news desk."

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If others had been asked, I think most would have not been so generous with their marking!

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Quam se ipse amans sine rivali!

Himself loving himself so much

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