Friday 24 July 2009

UMNO Spin or Fact?

Truth or Lies, or even different versions of the Truth & Lies?


Real, Generated or Blatant

Perhaps Nik Aziz did indeed commend Kartika Sari Sewi Shukarno for accepting her whipping punishment, without an appeal, but did he actually say all that was reported by the NST?

Read this news (please click HERE) reported by the Malaysian UMNO controlled newspaper New Straits Times.

If what Nik Aziz is reported to say is really true, and not the result of UMNO spin doctoring, then it may be a much needed boost for UMNO's flagging support.

If it is untrue, then it will be yet another nail in the UMNO / BN coffin.

Most Malaysians would, I feel, prefer a more secular government, rather than a fundamentalist Islamic one under which brutal, cruel and inhuman punishments like, whipping, amputation, stoning to death and beheading are the norms.

This news has so far NOT been seen in any other news media, including the PAS on-line daily news Harakah Online click HERE.

Salva veritate

With truth preserved

Medio tutissimus ibis

You will go safest in the middle. (Moderation in all things)

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