Tuesday 14 July 2009

Manek Urai: A Victory for PAS and the PKR

Mmmmm... what went wrong?

Inducement, gifts, thinly veiled bribery, intimidation, perceived threats, attempts to blackmail, call it what you like, nothing worked!


How the results unfolded.

At 19:55 [Malaysia time], on 14th July 2009,
PAS wins by 70 votes. However, a recount will doubtless be requested by BN / UMNO

Election Commission released the official results little by little. Why all the drama? One can but wonder, but it does seem rather an unusual way to announce the official results.

20:10 The tally so far: PAS 1,962. UMNO, 1,654. Total votes 3,616.

A PAS majority of 308.

20:21 Official results from Election Commission:

PAS, 4,090. UMNO 3,985. Total votes 8,075.

A PAS majority of 105.

20:24 Official results from Election Commission:

PAS 4,335. UMNO 4,299. Total votes 8,634

A PAS majority of 36.

The results from five ballot boxes yet to be released.

The total tally thus far was from 23 out of 28 ballot boxes.

There were still 2,103 votes left to count at this time.

The complete unofficial results are:

PAS, 5,347. UMNO, 5,283.

PAS have a majority of 64 votes.

Total votes: 10,630

PAS seemingly won 14 out of 28 ballot boxes and four out of nine polling stations.

[Election Commission temporary stopped announcing the official results from the final five ballot boxes]

20:26 PAS candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah left the campaign headquarters for the main tally centre in Kuala Krai to claim victory.

20:35 Kelantan senior state cabinet member and former PAS vice-president Husam Musa arrived at the main tally centre in SMK Yahya Petra.

Then at 21:01 OFFICIAL RESULTS from the Election Commission -

PAS 5.348 votes.

UMNO 5,283 votes.

Total votes: 10,631


Tarditas et procrastinatio odiosa est

Delay and procrastination is hateful

Vincere est totum

To win is everything

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