Sunday 5 July 2009

In Malaysia the disabled in a shelter home are treated worse than animals!

Minister of Women, Family and Community Development

Sharizat Abdul Jalil

The Department of Social Welfare is her responsibility

This is a welfare home, one of seven, operated by The Department of Social Welfare, click HERE

"About 30 men, naked, some chained up, caged and covered in their faeces and urine – that is the scene inside locked rooms at the Taman Sinar Harapan home... " (Ray of Hope home, more like the Kiss of Death home!!!)

This Malaysian government operated shelter home (near Kuala Buru Baru hospital and adjacent to a golf course), close to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, is not a shelter home for the disabled, it is far worse than a goal!

Read the whole shameful exposé in the Star on-line, Click HERE & also HERE

So much for all the empty talk from the Prime Minister and his ministers in the Federal Government about how caring Malaysia is.

More deception and distortion of the facts.

Do those responsible, directly and indirectly for this shelter home, have no shame, compassion, love or basic decency?

They should be punished for their crimes against the helpless disabled residents of this shelter home.

Sadly this situation is very likely to be the norm is the six other Welfare Department shelter homes in Malaysia and in some of the private ones too.

Cui bono?

For whose benefit is it?

Dum tempus habemus, operemur bonum

While we have the time, let us do good


Anonymous said...

Would those volunteers or people commended and if are full time involve can solve this situations? Only with two or three full time workers taking care of so many immate it will be a very tough responsibilities.

mindful mariner said...

Thank you for commenting.

This so called sheltered home (it is more like a Hell Hole) belongs to and is run by the Malaysian Government, through the Department of Social Welfare which is under the control of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

Disciplinary action needs to be taken from top to bottom, at both the Ministry & the Department; in fact the honourable thing initially, would be for the Minister (Sharizat Abdul Jalil) and the DG of the Social Welfare Department (Meme Zainal Rashid) to resign forthwith.

Then all types of care homes, shelters, orphanages and other similar institutions, public and private, should thoroughly checked and independently audited. After that they should all, without exception, be required to be operated to impeccable international standards of best practice.

Subsequently the Social Welfare Department should conduct regular frequent and comprehensive inspections of all shelters, care homes and orphanages for the disadvantaged in Malaysian society.

To ensure:

1. They are all fully equipped, sanitary and are run in a professional, caring, humane way.

2. That the are staffed by sufficient numbers of qualified, able, caring and dedicated staff.

3. That all the residents receive good quality, nutritional healthy food in sufficient quantities.

4. That all residents receive regular medical examinations and adequate health care.

And many other things, about which others are better qualified than me, need to be set out in full clearly mandating what has to be done.

PS But I am not too hopeful that effective sustained action will be taken.

There will be buckets of faux tears, sympathetic [or perhaps a better word is pathetic] remarks, much empty talking, but very little or more likely no effective action, as per usual!!!!