Saturday 9 August 2008

Blogger Bakaq finally ‘freed’


Blogger Bakaq, whose blog is called “Penarik Beca” who was detained by the police, and has been held since 6th August 2008, for allegedly 'defacing' [on his blog] the Royal Malaysia Police logo by replacing the tiger symbol with a barking dog, (he is also said to have ‘removed or defaced’ the crown bearing the words Allah and Muhammad with the symbol of a star), has finally been released.

CCID Director Commissioner Koh Hong Sun confirmed that Bakaq, whose real name is Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar, was released from the Federal Commercial Crimes Investigation Department at 17:40 on Friday 8th August 2008.

Bakaq has been instructed to report in person to the Federal Commercial Crimes Investigation Department at 10:30 on 20th August 2008. This sound ominous and threatening!

Four plain-clothed policemen arrested the the blogger at his house in Taman Greenwood in Gombak at about 23:00 last Wednesday night, note the intimidating anti-social timing.

It is understood that police seized a portable computer and a mobile telephone belonging to the Bakaq, and arrested him under Section 4 (1) of the archaic and suppressive Sedition Act.

Say no to a police-state

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Aim for a true democracy, full human rights and freedoms

De integro

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