Thursday 7 August 2008

Anwar Ibrahim arrives at the Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur, where he is expected to be charged

Anwar Ibrahim arrived at the centralised Kuala Lumpur courts complex in Jalan Duta at about 09:45 today, Thursday, 7th August 2008.

He is expected to be charged at about 10:00, with sodomy, in the Sessions Court.

The KL court complex has been inundated since about 06:00 with a massive police presence, including Federal Reserve Unit (Riot Police), unformed policemen as well as the CID in plainclothes, as well as the police special branch

Anwar's supporters have been assembling, and their numbers have been steadily growing at the court complex since before daylight.

Police roadblocks set up on all roads leading to Jalan Duta, and the KL court complex and the surrounding areas, this has caused massive jams, which are intimidating and delaying people heading to work and sending their children to school.

What a shameful situation there is in today's Malaysia.

Veritas vos liberabit

- The truth will set you free

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Anonymous said...

wind down yr window, pass parliament, dump any rubbish in yr car...fxxx all MPs..brainless and do nothing for people.

entire system fark up