Sunday, 8 June 2008

Najib Pours More Tax-payers Money Down the Drain

Najib officiating the opening of a public toilet!

Najib in Great Britain, pretending to be on 4 day ‘working’ visit

Malaysia’s DPM Najib Razak has reportedly arrived in London on a four-day ‘working’ visit to Great Britain, where he is meeting British P M Gordon Brown.

Before to his courtesy call on Brown at No. 10 Downing Street on Monday, Najib will attend a ‘working’ lunch hosted by the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman David Lewis.

On Tuesday, Najib will attend a conference on "Reforms of International Institutions" at Marlborough House.

Later, that day he will open ‘Jom Makan’ (Come Eat) a restaurant set up at Pall Mall East under the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.

Najib, who is also the defence minister, will meet Malaysian troops at the Wellington Barracks, and will then witness the changing of guard ceremony involving the Royal Malay Regiment at Buckingham Palace grounds on Wednesday.

Eight officers and 122 members of the Royal Malay Regiment arrived in London on 17th April 2008, two-month ceremonial Royal guard ‘public duties’.

'Meeting', 'courtesy call', 'attend', 'open', 'meet', 'witness'!
Wow, what a heavy workload Najib will have!

If that is a ‘working visit’ then a lot of Malaysian’s would surely volunteer for such ‘work’, first class air passages, the finest hotel, chauffeur driven luxury cars, and no doubt a massive group of hangers-on to cater for Najib’s every egoistic whim and fancy!

Could there be some 'hidden agenda' too?

What a disgusting waste of tax-payers money, especially at a time when the people of Malaysia are suffering from massive price increases and low incomes.

Many citizens are living a hand-to-mouth existence, while others do no even have a pot to piss in. Even in Kuala Lumpur there is great poverty to be found.

Fuel prices have just risen by over 40%, food has increased in price by an alarming amount in recent months, and the arrogant uncaring DPM is gallivanting about to Great Britain on a wasteful non-productive trip, what a bloody disgrace!

It’s time to kick out the UMNO / BN government, they will never change their corrupt, wicked, greedy and self-centred ways.

"Some politicians actually work their butts off.
But it's usually in just a frantic, futile attempt to justify their neurotic parasitic existence."

- Bert Rand


Dragon City said...

Our Abang B and Abang N are always talk cock only. Talking about how to survive from petrol hike by using public transport. But why we never see them take bus or LRT? Useless PM. Should be terminated like how we terminate the CEO of a company that is not earning money.

M-Factor said...

Najib is on official tour of London, and it's only routine for him to shop some great stuffs for his wife. This is call energy savings because with only one flight to London, not only he will attend, witness, visit etc, as well as he can also shop for some stuff wanted by his beloved wife. That's what we call save energy and make full use of your journey and money! Isn't it this way?

Vincent said...

Najib is on official tour of London, and it's only routine for him to shop some great stuffs for his wife. This is call energy savings because with only one flight to London, not only he will attend, witness, visit etc, as well as he can also shop for some stuff wanted by his beloved wife. That's what we call save energy and make full use of your journey and money! Isn't it this way?

mindful mariner said...

Dragon city and Vincent (aka M-Factor? who left exactly the same comment), thanks for dropping by and leaving your respective comments.
Obviously it is a case of the federal government saying;
"Do as I say, not as I do!"

myke said...

You can count with your fingers which of BN goons work hard, only concern for them is which project is coming their way and how much will they get from it.

Proof i'm wrong BN goons.

Sagaladoola said...

Kononnya, ada orang kata "Change your lifestyle". What is this, man?

Alamak !

Anonymous said...

How Malaysia petrol is wasted
1. Taxi go to airport come back empty. It only in oil rich close-one-eye country. it is criminal to the environment.
2. Bandar Cheras Mahkota residence has to take a 3 KM detour.
3. Smart tag is dumb tag. have to slow down to pass. Can't we learn the gantry tech from our small brother in SG? Slow down change gear means more petrol wasted.
4. TNB staff helping my friends to steal electricity. So good folks like you and me have to pay more.
5. street lights turn on suka-suka in the day time.


Anonymous said...

Maybe enroute to Frankfurt to drop a few bucks in the numbered swiss account, just for good measure.

Anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is one channel where the profit generate by our national natural resources are being wastefully used! I wonder if he even have an objective going on this trip. There are times when on the flight back, I felt guilty of not achieving my biz objective.. I wonder if he will feel the same too.
Ning Baizura took some pictures of Lim Guan Eng (Chief Minister of Penang)on economy class flying from PG to KL to attend the parliment..with ZERO "hanger-on". It make me think again, who is really working for us the rakyat! Sad that the current government still don't know how the rakyat feel!

sheikh said...

After the oil price hike was announced recently, some of our leaders went on to give suggestions on how we can cut cost & live on a lower budget. I think the leaders should lead by example if they want to be respected.

Fadzil Azim Idris said...

Dude, my comment is not based on this article that you wrote (which is revealing). But its about the prices of petrol for oil producing countries that you have on your front much does indonesia charge its citizens for its petrol....?

Antares said...

Kulit badak dis fler. Peluru tak masuk, mesti pakai C4!

mindful mariner said...

Sagaladoola, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

Fadzil Ahmad Idris, your comments appreciated, I read this re Indonesia's latest petrol prices:

"Indonesia braces for petrol riots"

Read what ‘The Australian’ had to say on 27 May 2008 about the recent petrol price rises in Indonesia,25197,23762085-2703,00.html

“As Southeast Asia's only OPEC member struggles with the world oil price boom, the bowser price for premium petrol rose from 4500 rupiah (AUS 51c) a litre to 6000 rupiah. The rises averaged about 28 per cent on all fuel types, in a move described yesterday by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as "the best plan" to rein in a feared budget blowout.”

Notes: A ‘bowser’ is a petrol pump
6,000 Rupiah = RM 2.15

mindful mariner said...

The full url for the story
in 'The Australian' is:

Gan said...

Kesian lah Najib - must be tough on him, to cramp so much in just 4 days !

I think he deserves a bonus - hopefully, the next astronuat or any of the Russian or French projects should suffice.

Naksam said...

I don't quiet see the 'waste' of Tax-payer's money as referred by MM. Are we saying that Najib, or for that matter any other Government official should now stop making overseas official visits? Should we forget our Foreign Affairs obligations?

Please, let us not allow ourselves to go overboard in criticizing the government. Wallop Najib where it hurts but let the Government continues to perform its function.

I may have to close my gerai makan following the price increase, but I don't think we should allow the nation to disappear from the world map.


mindful mariner said...

Naksam, thanks for your comments.
I agree foreign affairs are important, but Najib is not the foreign minister. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rakyat,

Its time that we all walk to Putra Jaya Prime Ministers Office and kick his butt out. If we try to be civil and be nice as Malaysians, then BN will fuck us through and through. Its time we physically kick the Prime Ministers and his BN minsters from governing the country and hand it over to Pakatan Rakyat to administer this country. We can sit and talk until cows come home, but will not do us any good. We cannot be the nice rakyat anymore. We have to take it upon us to ensure BN is gone forever. My idea may sound radical but at times we have to take that path.We cant be Gandhi all the time....Hidup Pakatan Rakyat .Hidup Makhal Sakhti

Bunnies said...

How sure are you that Najib is in UK for shopping spree for his wife? Hehehe.. maybe it is for some other perempuan?? Hehehe... yah mah.. those two dont look like they love each other to eternity.

Did you people see that PM and DPM and duno which other mangkuk got entertainment allowance!?? WTF is that?? entertain what? entertain who?? These buggers are already at the top of all tops.. what is there to entertain?? Even if there is, it should be others entertaining these goonies for favours and flavours!

Did you people see the amount alloted for their entertainment?? That is disgusting!! RM18K for our hopeless PM to entertain. I can uderstand if it is RM3K per month but RM18K is way way too much for someone whose entertainment should be taken care of by the office!!
RM18K to buy himself a brain issit!?? No wonder la.. all these ayamak basket decisions la.. Sigh..

We need to change PM and the rules of the games already la!!!

mindful mariner said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting Antares