Tuesday 2 March 2010


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Read what UMNO legal advisor was reported as saying, click HERE


Cases of alleged corruption by Umno members are handled internally and not by anti-graft laws, party legal adviser Datuk Hafarizam Harun said.

The party, through its own mechanisms, could address such a problem, he said.

"For reasons reflected in the party's constitution and members' code of ethics, I look at it as more of political corruption, not corruption per se, although some may not agree.

"I agree that it is morally and ethically wrong, but it does not come under corruption-related acts." .......................”

How arrogant and big-headed UMNO are, they are simply a Registered Society, under the control of the Registrar of Societies, through the enforcement of laws as follows:

The Societies Act 1966 and Socities Rules 1984

- so how come UMNO can seemingly openly profess to be above the law, act as they deem fit and seemingly get away scot free?

Surely corruption, of any type, within a Registered Society is not condoned by the ROS?

This is typical of the state of affairs in Malaysia in the 21st Century.

Why does the Registrar of Societies Md Alias bin Hj. Kalil have nothing to say regarding this matter?


Beneficium accipere libertatem est vendere

To accept a favour (bribe) is to sell freedom

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