Friday 5 March 2010

CANING OF WOMEN IN MALAYSIA. Malaysian Government further reins in media coverage

Now that the Star has shown a 'nauseating yellow streak', the new colour scheme as shown above may be more appropriate for their logo

Marina Mahathir decides to post her column on her blog after newspaper (The Star Malaysia) paper spikes her column

The Malaysia government reportedly has moved to restrict debate in the mainstream media on the caning of three Muslim women recently.

The country's largest English-Language newspaper (The Star) has refused to publish Marina Mahathir's regular column (Musings) on the issue of caning women.

Read the foreign news report by clicking HERE

Link to Marina Mahathir's blog 'The Column That Wasn't', click HERE

An extract:

Folks, I'm posting here what should have been my Musings column tomorrow. The Star has refused to publish it because, after what happened to P. Gunasegaram's article which was pulled out after the Home Ministry gave them a show-cause letter, they don't want any 'sensitive' articles that may jeopardise their KDN permit.”

Timendi causa est nescire

Ignorance is the cause of fear

Ubi dubium ibi libertas

Where there is doubt, there is freedom

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