Wednesday 24 March 2010


Strongest purchasing power on arrival.

"Here's the price of a basket of goods inc beers, water & meals, which costs £72.14 in the UK (Brighton), compiled by the -UK- Post Office at today's -24 March 2010- exchange rates (it can vary by city too - this was priced at tourist resorts):

Hungary (£37.40)
Bulgaria (£39.52)
Thailand (£42.31)
Spain (£45.26)
Bali (£52.51)
Kenya (£52.60)

Malaysia (£57.71)
Croatia (£63.46)
Greece (£64.02)
Egypt (£65.45)
USA (£75.70)
Turkey (£76.08)"


So Malaysia is not so cheap even for holidaying British adult tourists.

However, even if they only earn the UK national minimum wage of £5.80 (RM 28.80) per hour, they are far better off than the vast majority of Malaysians.

For the locals it is so damned expensive in Malaysia because the wages are so low!!!

Magnas inter opes inops

Paupers in the midst of wealth

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