Thursday 3 September 2009


Is there any potential here?

Here is the proof!

Malaysia stagnated in 152nd spot, behind Thailand (115), Singapore(127), Indonesia (133), Myanmar (145) and Vietnam (146).

In the latest FIFA ranking (January 2009) recently released by football’s World governing body, Malaysia lingered lethargically at 152nd spot with 123 points.

Malaysia’s best ever place in the FIFA ranking was 75th spot, way way back in 1993, the first year the World footballing body began ranking its members.

Meanwhile, Malaysia lost 0-1 to Saudi Arabian club Al-Qadisiya in a friendly held in Dammam early this morning. 3rd September 2009.

What a disgrace!

Unless politics is kept out of all sports, Malaysian sports will always be shamefully pathetic, becalmed in the doldrums of failure and ruffled by the imperceptible eddy currents of corruption.

Ecce signum

Behold the proof

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