Saturday 19 September 2009

Malaysian F1 Team - what a Bloody Cruel Joke, for whose benefit is it really for?

Thai Moo Satay, the Original Satay

Too much barefaced brazen bullshit, far-fetched farcical fucking about, sneaky, slimy skulduggery.

One Malaysia minus One, F1 fantasy, foolish financial folly, to be followed by failure.

Malaysia is, it seems, cursed, doomed and in terminal decline.

Look around at the decaying infrastructure, the apathy, the waste and the incompetence.

Try this Thai Satay, you are certain to enjoy eating it after you prepare and cook it at home.
Just follow the recipe below. Bon Appetite!

It is some peoples belief that Satay (or sate as it is called in the Malay language) is not of Thai origin, but this is a mistake.

Thailand shares many recipes with surrounding countries, as this is also the case with Satay which is immensely popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and the southern provinces of Thailand.

Satay is also a popular Thai street food, as it can be found around Thailand sold from push-cars or motorcycle side-cars.

Now try to make our own Satay to impress our employers, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, wifes, husbands or family.

Slice the chicken breast finely, width approximately 3 cm. Pound together, or blend in a blender, coriander seeds (
ลูกผักชี), Cumin seeds (ลูกยี่หร่า), pepper (พริกไทย), tumeric (ขมิ้น), curry powder (ผงกะหรี่), galangal (ข่า), lemon grass (ตะไคร้), salt (เกลือ) and garlic (กระเทียม). Pour the blended ingredients into the coconut milk. Add sugar and vegetable oil and blend again so that all ingredients are well mixed.

Add the chicken sliced and marinate for 2 hours, tread the chicken slices onto the skewers. Pour the marinating sauce into a pot and heat until boiling.

Place the chicken slices over a charcoal grill (barbecue) and apply the sauce to the chicken while turning over. When cooked through, serve with satay sauce and sliced cucumber.

We hope that you will enjoy your own made Satay and think about our website *, of course any failure to make it 'aroi aroi' will not be our fault.

Thank You :

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Original Source; HERE

Kingdom of Thailand
[Ratcha Anachak Thai]

Unitam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant!

May faulty logic undermine your entire philosophy!

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