Tuesday 29 September 2009

Muelmar Magallanes, a brave young hero in flooded Manila

The news story below depicts are truly brave and selfless young man, who deserves to be honoured as a hero and a role model for all. Muelmar was brave and honourable, and the perfect example of a good human being. The 18 year old Muelmar Magallenes died saving others, may he rest in eternal peace.

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"Muelmar Magallanes braved rampaging floods to save more than 30 persons, but ended up sacrificing his life in a last trip to rescue a baby girl who was being swept away on a styrofoam box.

Family members and people who Magallanes saved hailed the 18-year-old construction worker a hero, as his body lay in a coffin at a makeshift evacuation center near their destroyed Manila riverside village.

“I am going to be forever grateful to Muelmar. He gave his life for my baby. I will never forget his sacrifice,” said Menchie Peñalosa, the mother of the six-month-old girl whom he carried to safety before being swept away himself.

Magallanes was at home on Saturday with his family when tropical storm Ketsana (Ondoy) unleashed the heaviest rains in more than 40 years in Metro Manila and surrounding areas.

At first the family, long used to heavy rains, paid little attention to the storm.

But Magallanes and his father quickly decided to evacuate the family once they realized the river 2,600 feet away had burst its banks.

With the help of an older brother, Magallanes tied a string around his waist and attached it one-by-one to his three younger siblings, whom he took to higher ground. Then he came back for his parents.

But Magallanes, a strong swimmer, decided to go back for neighbors trapped on rooftops.

He ended up making many trips, and eventually saved more than 30 people from drowning, witnesses and survivors said.

Tired and shivering, Magallanes was back on higher ground with his family when he heard Penalosa screaming as she and her baby were being swept away on the polystyrene box they were using in an attempt to cross the swift currents.

He dived back in after the mother and daughter, who were already a few meters away and bobbing precariously among the debris floating on the brown water.

“I didn’t know that the current was so strong. In an instant, I was under water. We were going to die,” said Peñalosa, her eyes welling with tears and voice choking with emotion.

“Then this man came from nowhere and grabbed us. He took us to where the other neighbors were, and then he was gone,” Peñalosa said.

Peñalosa and other witnesses said an exhausted Magallanes was simply washed away amid the torrent of water.

Neighbors found his body on Sunday, along with 28 others who perished amid Manila’s epic flooding.

Standing next to his coffin, Magallanes’ parents paid tribute to their son.

“He always had a good heart,” said his father, Samuel. “We had already been saved. But he decided to go back one last time for the girl.”

His mother, Maria Luz, wept as she described her son as incredibly brave. He saved so many people, but ended up not being able to save himself.” "

The Philippines government says 240 people are now know to have died in flooding caused by Tropical Storm Ketsana, the AFP news agency reports.

The country has appealed for foreign aid to deal with the disaster, which has displaced more than 450,000 people.

Some 374,890 people are living in makeshift shelters, three times more than previously reported.

Defence Secretary Gilberto Teodoro said the situation could become worse if aid supplies run out. Read more HERE

Urgent international assistance is needed, ASEAN has been very quiet, not a word so far from this regional group of which Malaysia & Singapore are the richest members.

Malaysia should shelve all the wasteful and ridiculous glamour programmes, such as the proposed Malaysian F1 team, and divert at least Ringgit Malaysia 500 Million [MYR] = (United States $145 million [USD]) = (6822 million Philippine Peso [PHP]) immediately to aid the needy in the Philippines.

Singapore should also donate substantially too.

Other aid, such as expert manpower, foodstuffs, medicines, tents and other materials to make shelters, is also urgently needed, let's get it organised now - but let us make sure that the evil corrupt bastards amongst us do not get a chance to syphon off this humanitarian aid to line their own stinking pockets!

What about it PM Najib & PM Lee?

Now is the time show a little charity, humanity and selflessness!

THE Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Monday appealed to the international community to assist in the government’s rescue and relief assistance to hundreds of thousands of victims of Typhoon Ondoy.

The US, China and Japan were the first to respond sending assistance amounting $280,000 in cash and relief emergency goods.

US military personnel were sent to help in the rescue efforts while the US Embassy donated $50,000 to the Philippine National Red Cross’s rescue and relief efforts.


THE NATIONAL PHILIPPINES RED CROSS, (PNRC), PNRC’s Operations Center has sent 18 rubber boats and one aluminum boat to the affected areas in Manila.

VERITAS & CARITAS ("Caritas & Veritas have kicked off the mobilization to raise much-needed funds for victims and relief operations affected by Typhoon Ondoy. Caritas Crisis and Disaster Program utilizes the church’s network of parishes, priests, social action centers, and church volunteers to bring aid and assistance to affected areas and families.") Click HERE

Omnes una manet nox

The same night awaits us all.

Maxima debetur puero reverentia

We owe the greatest respect to a child

Dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem

As long as we are among humans, let us be humane.

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