Wednesday 2 September 2009


and many many more!!

Is the Malaysian Federal - UMNO controlled - BN government, pressuring Malaysia's only satellite broadcasting company ASTRO to air more pro-government propaganda and bullshit?

The answer is unclear, there are the usual denials of course, but in all likelihood it probably is doing just that.

There are already all the nauseating government (UMNO) controlled TV stations being broadcast via ASTRO, and lots of pro-government advertisements and many brainwashing fillers.

Foreign news programmes, such as BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, etc.. are broadcast only after being delayed by several minutes, this is most likely to censor them and to cut out some 'undesirable' advertisements.

If in the future, there is even more government interference, many subscribers will desert ASTRO for good.

What a truly fucked up country Malaysia is rapidly becoming!

Read to news story HERE

.......................and now this, the government has backed down, and Muslims are now permitted to attend a concert by US hip-hop band Black Eyed Peas at Sunway Lagoon!

Why was there a ban in the first place?

Malaysia is seeming being governed by dangerous bands of blundering buffoons and bloody fools!!!!

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Cui bono? For whose benefit is it?

Consuetudinis magna vis est The force of habit is great

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