Thursday 6 August 2009


Image Source: Larry West

Many thanks.

P. M. Najib's shaky UMNO / BN coalition government is considering the establishment of an Internet filter, similar to China's abandoned 'Green Dam' project, a source familiar with the process reportedly told Reuters New Agency.

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Of course this filtering will be in guise of protecting children by filtering out pornography, and denaying access to other sites deemed unpalatable, and perhaps suppressing religious and racial issues.

But it will really be solely to defend the ever weakening UMNO / BN regime from the bloggers' criticism and to prevent the independent media telling the truth.

Censorship has been alive and well in Malaysia, as far as the printed media goes, even National Geographic Magazine is censored by brainless idiots with black marker pens, who cover up the hint of a bare breast, or deface other innocent photos of semi naked people.

At the rate things are moving, Malaysia will degenerate into a fearfully fanciful fully fucked up nation like North Korea, present day Iran, or Burma, to name but three.

In a word, it is PATHETIC.

So there is now yet another thing to march for!!

Mus uni non fidit antro

A mouse does not rely on just one hole

Contraria contrariis curantur

The opposite is cured with the opposite


Anonymous said...

They are already starting to censor, name as that webpage contain some topic on Nazri's son having beer during F1 races at sepang...

mindful mariner said...

It is certainly true that the selective blocking of web sites is not unknown in Malaysia.

I know nothing whatsoever regarding
but I have just tried to access it and it was 'unavailable'.

Hypocrisy is a well know trait of many politicians, and in the Malaysian government there are numerous fine examples of deviousness from chronic hypocrites.

julian said...


mindful mariner said...

Hello Julian, I am humbled by your kind remarks.
Thanks a lot.
I shall endeavour to plod on and add little by little to the struggle for a better world and of course a better Malaysia.
Ab imo pectore!
Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi sed saepe cadendo

Mark Skull said...

Hey, awesome post!

I just wanted to say thank you for using my image, "Government Censorship", and was hoping you could please give me a credit for the image? Thanks!

-Larry West

mindful mariner said...

Hi Larry,
Thanks for the visit, I have duly credited you.
Apologies for not doing so before, but was unsure of the original source.

Mark Skull said...

Thanks, and no problem! The image was floating around and I just found out. I never put a credit on it, so its my own fault. :)