Tuesday 25 August 2009


Religious Enforcement to be carried out by Mosque Officials in Selangor, Malaysia.

In Selangor mosque officers can now arrest Muslims drinking in public, and for many other reasons too.

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& click HERE for a rational and common sense account from the Malay Mail

Selangor mosque officers - imam, nazir, bilal and siak - are now empowered to arrest Muslims drinking alcohol in public places and they could also arrest Muslims selling and storing alcohol beverages, Selangor executive councillor for religious matters Hassan Ali, said.

The officers were also empowered to arrest Muslims who commit offences 'deemed disrespectful in the month of Ramadan'.

What is happening in Malaysia?

Is Malaysia heading towards becoming a clone of the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Going by recent events perhaps it soon will be.

What is next, amputation of limbs for theft, stoning to death, public beheading; the mind boggles.


Selangor has an opposition, not a Barisan Nasional (BN), state government, this move is surely a feather in BN's cap, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) the opposition alliance seems to have shot itself in the foot, what is next political suicide ?


Un idea perplexi na

The idea is strange to us

Cervisia et musica laetificant cor

Beer and music gladden the heart

Vox populi, vox Dei

The voice of the people is the voice of God


Jay Sham said...

Is Malaysia heading towards becoming a clone of the Islamic Republic of Iran?


mindful mariner said...

You sound supremely confident Jay Sham.
You one word reply is rather incomprehensible, but will comment on it nevertheless.
Malaysia is on that slippery slope already, the thin edge of the wedge is already in place.
Who knows what will transpire in the coming years?
But the graffiti is becoming ever clearer on the wall!

Anonymous said...

After beer, next item that will be taken off shelves will be condoms as it will encourage illicit sex!!!