Sunday 9 August 2009


Is he having a laugh?

Najib vows to rid UMNO of money politics!

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Is this the UMNO motto?

Nihil tam munitum quod non expugnari pecunia possit

[No fort is so strong that it cannot be taken with money]

Dream on, UMNO will never change for the better, they have proven this time and time again.

Money, money politics, sleaze and UMNO are intertwined, inseparable and deeply embedded in its devious culture and make-up.

This is just more verbal diarrhoea, bullshit and cloud cuckoo land drivel!

Proposed amendments to the UMNO constitution 'will once and for all address the problem of money politics and other shady tactics used during party elections', Najib Razak reportedly said, and went on to say that a review of the party’s constitution, would be carried out during the UMNO special general assembly in October 2009, which would allow greater participation of grass roots members in the election of party leaders.

This is crucial in making UMNO more democratic and clean. Of utmost importance is not to give an opportunity for money politics to flourish and become part of UMNO’s culture,” Najib was reported as saying.

This is simply just meaningless flannel.

Say NO to bullSHIT!

Say NO to mat rempits!


As Najib was saying this, a throng of assorted large and small 'mat rempit' of UMNO Youth carrying large UMNO flags, with police cars and police motor cycle outriders escorting and taking care of them, were seen speeding around in the Senawang area of Seremban, causing inconvenience and annoying motorists and residents in that area.

UMNO flags were also illegally flying from road signs and lamp posts too, later they were removed, this was a wise move, as otherwise they may have been used a rags by members of the public!

Why were the police wasting their time doing this unnecessary work at tax-payers expense?

Even if the Negeri Sembilan MB and Rembau MP KJ were also riding motor bikes in the mat rempit frenzy, they were certainly not on state or federal government business, just taking part in a possibly illegal motorised assembly, which was just an UMNO party political shinanigan!!

Ne cede malis

Yield not to evils

Libera te ex inferis

Save yourself from hell


julian said...

no money politics?????? how will they survive as they are all corrupted lol.
i may be a singaporean but i read a lot----the truth that is

julian said...

wonder whether umno applied for a police permit to stage a motorbike parade and had approval to put up flags of a political party when there is no election going on??????