Friday 27 March 2009

Rosmah? Rosmah who?

UMNO delegates have clearly showed that they want change and they want leaders who can speak and listen to the aspirations of the people, according to Rosmah.

Evidently Rosmah, has been attending the UMNO assembly from day one and will stay to the end, said she was not only here to lend moral support but also to listen to grievances from the delegates.

It was reported she said, “If I were not here, I would be at home to sort of (sic) my house first before coming to listen to the speakers."

The irrelevant and biased views of Rosmah should not be featured in an article by a nation newspaper, dedicated to the UMNO assembly should they? She is just there as a visitor is she not?



for the story in the Star.

So the UMNO general Assembly must be nearly over, since as the saying goes, "It's not over until the fat lady sings"

A re decedunt

They wander from the point

Crescit amor nummi, quantum ipsa pecunia crevit

The love of wealth grows as the wealth itself grew.

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