Wednesday 25 March 2009

Worldwide: 2,400 people were executed in 2008

2,390 people worldwide were executed last year, but most countries moved a step closer toward abolishing the death penalty.

Amnesty International- - said in a report issued on Monday 23rd March 2009, click HERE

Of 25 nations using the death penalty in 2008 [including Malaysia], China was the most prolific.

The report said P. R. of China used lethal injection and shooting to execute at least 1,718 people.

However P. R. C.does not publish data on the death penalty.

Of the top-six execution countries in Amnesty's list, only the USA (37 executions) publishes statistics on the penalty's use.

The figures for the others are estimates based on what Amnesty International had verified through media reports, information from rights groups and official statements.

Other groups frequently give much higher figures than those stated by Amnesty International.

The other leading executioner nations on the list are:

Iran (346 executions)

Saudi Arabia (102 executions)

Pakistan (36 executions) and

Iraq (34 executions).

To link to the full Amnesty International Report please click HERE

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