Tuesday 24 March 2009

Nonsensical, Egoistical, Righteous, Demented, Sanctimonious Authorities in Malaysia

Firstly: Malaysia Immigration Department denies detaining N.E.R.D

The Malaysian Immigration Department has denied detaining members of American hip hop group N.E.R.D after the Sunburst concert at Bukit Kiara in Kuala Lumpur on 22nd March 2009.

"Following investigations, we found that the group did not receive permission from the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry to perform at the concert," Immigration Director-General Mahmood Adam reportedly said here today:

"After their statements were recorded, they were released with assurance from the concert organiser."

He added that the immigration would summon the organiser tomorrow for questioning while the group had flown to Indonesia.

Secondly: N.E.R.D cancel their concert in Jakarta Indonesian

In Jakarta, the American hip-hop group N.E.R.D. decided to cancel its weekend show in Indonesia after the authorities in neighbouring Malaysia briefly the detained members of the group, the event's organiser said on Monday 23rd March 2009.

The trio had been scheduled to perform on Sunday 22nd March 2009 in Indonesia, which is the the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Nirmala, a spokesman for the Jakarta event, said N.E.R.D decided to go straight home after experiencing problems following the Sunburst KL International Music Festival in Malaysia, hours earlier.

The group were briefly detained in Malaysia, aparently for failing to get a permit from the Malaysian Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry, [which has strict requirements about clothing and behaviour on stage], something that in fact turned out to be the concert promoter's fault.

The earlier incident in Malaysia clearly made the artists nervous about continuing their tour.

The sanctimonious, narrow minded, shallow and blinkered authorities in Malaysia have once again excelled themselves.

What a bunch of Nonsensical, Egoistical, Righteous, Demented, Sanctimonious Authorities there evidently are in Malaysia!!!

Memento vivere !

Remember that you have to live !

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