Friday 9 January 2009


I have been long adrift from my blogging ploy, no excuses, was just suffering from malaise.

Am still away in colder climes but will be plotting courses back in a moon or two.

I see there is still a lot a stinky foot, in our NS backyard, the Labu largess will enrich a few crony's, but such disgraceful plots are nothing new in BN suppressed, oppressed, depressed and distressed Bolehland.

We need change, unless the people want more of the same.

PS New Years greetings to all, I have had a unwanted new year present of pneumonia!!!
So am sailing a dead slow ahead.
Will try to blog as & when,
But am laptopless, which makes it harder,
Bye for now folks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

MM, "laptopless", dat's IMAGINE-active!:) I can send thee a belly danzer to chaze away de newmonnya:)!
ap AP ap nu'e year 2009 despite everything K! in nine state/s where Lingam's kambing is bestA as long as da CJ is knot around to spoilour FUN-d!:):)--Desi