Friday 23 January 2009


Gong Xi Fa Chai, to one and all.

May your Year of the Ox
be healthy, full of happiness,
prosperity, luck,
and harmony.


Anonymous said...

I've heart of smiling tiger/thaigal;but that's my first s-miling bull staringat my red packet! Do vve tehtari' so-ON? AM,pls sound the horn!:):):) Desi, knottierDANusualatCNYohPUERHdear

mindful mariner said...

Ah so! 'Er in London
the red buses we ride on

Red Bull it bottles
joins with vodka to yam seng

Tehtarik is rare though
but the beer is frothy

Will join u in Lingam's
Before the end of Feb

I read from afar the news from Malaysia
The status seems quo

The bovine excreta
Still flows by inertia

Will the Ox bring a change?
Or will we see more of the same?