Wednesday 8 September 2010

Yet another Training Aircraft Crashes in Malaysia

The logo of the Kuala Lumpur Flying Academy (KLIFA)
can be seen on the remains of the tail fin of the crashed aircraft

KLIFA is touted as:-

It seems to have been yet another case of a crash caused engine failure.

  1. Will a thorough investigation be carried out?
  2. Will the outcome be made public?
  3. Will the investigation of all other crashes of training aircraft be made public?
Most likely the answer to the above three questions will be NO!
  1. Will the status quo remain?
  2. Will this type of tragic incident recur?
The answer to these two questions will, sadly, most likely be YES.

Accountability & transparency have, up to now, not been regarded by many as strong considerations in Malaysia.

Maintenance in Malaysia has always been very poor, to say the least!

The gist of what happened, is as follows:

The engine of a light aircraft (Liberty XL-2) had stalled in mid-air, which caused it to crashed at an oil palm estate near Kampung Sri Gunung Pulai leaving a teenage female trainee pilot dead and a flight examiner injured, according to various news reports.

Trainee pilot Dione Wong Yong Chin, 19, was killed on the spot in the crash at the Sri Pulai oil palm estate near Kulai, Johor, at about 09:20 on Tuesday 6th September 2010.
Kuala Lumpur International Flying Academy (Klifa) Sdn Bhd owns the ill-fated aircraft.

Flight examiner Captain Zaini Ramli, 38, of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia, sustained severe injuries.

The aircraft had taken off from its 'base' at the Sultan Ismail International Airport in Senai, which lies about 5.4 nautical miles from the crash site, at about 09:00.

When contacted, Department of Civil Aviation Director General Azharuddin Abd Rahman who was contacted by the media, was reported as saying that the trainee pilot was sitting for her Private Pilot Licence (PPL) flying test and that Capt. Zaini was her flight examiner.

Sincere condolences to the family of the late Dione Wong Yong Chin, may she rest in peace.

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Mihi cura futuri

My concern is the future

Requiescat in pace (RIP)

May she rest in peace


Cik Ekin said...

she's my junior during my secondary school :(

mindful mariner said...

Warm greetings Miss Ekin Pinky, Thanks for dropping by.
It is so sad, such a tragic loss of a young life.