Saturday 2 May 2009

Swine Flu - WARNING

SWINE FLU [now known as Type A Flu (H1N1)] WARNING!

Dear Sir Madam,

Please note the warning below from the CVDC.

In addition, once the near pandemic is over, such a technique may however be useful in order to desensitise and help some members of the community get over their irrational deep rooted fear of pigs.

Please also note that this flu is, as informed by WHO, now officially known as 'Type A Flu [H1N1]'.

This name change has been carried out to protect innocent pigs who were being unnecessarily slaughtered by irrational humans.


This practice, however cute the picture may seem be, is not advised!

A Centre for Veterinary Disease Control (CVDC) & Ministry of Health Warning:


*The pig may get sick.

Puris omnia pura

To the pure all things are pure

1 comment:

The Ancient Mariner said...

People said that when a coloured becomes President of the United States, pigs will fly.

Sure enuff, after 100 days of Obama ... swine 'flew' !