Sunday 24 May 2009

Is Malaysia Becoming More of a Police State?

Najib Armed and Dangerous?

Since Najib became PM of Malaysia there has been a lot of empty talk about reforms, easing of draconian oppressive and undemocratic laws, but the actions have been in the opposite direction.

There has been talk about enhancing racial integration by an, as yet, abstract concept dubbed '1Malaysia' which was introduced by Najib, one could be excused for thinking the there is a typo and it should in fact be 'I'm Malaysia'?

The police have recently become more aggressive than ever VIDEO HERE and seem to be acting outside the law by arresting members of the public, opposition MP, and even lawyers by using the catch-all provisions of the Sedition Act, the Printing Presses Act and the Police Act, etc.

Raids on private property have been carried out without a warrant, and computers and their external data storage disks have been seized.

The recent raid on the opposition party, Democratic Action Party (DAP) HQ is a case in point.

The UMNO controlled rag the New Straits Times Press (NSTP) reported that:-

“Police made an inspection at the DAP's head office in Seksyen 20/9, Petaling Jaya, near here yesterday and confiscated computers and computer components believed to have been used to print flyers containing elements of sedition.”

'made an inspection', is used by this crappy newspaper, presumably as a pseudonym for 'raided without a warrant.'

'confiscated' computers and computer components evidently is another way of saying 'without authority, therefore illegally, removed'.

You can, if you wish to be polluted, read all the NaSTy Pee & crap HERE

The Star was a little more honest in their report. which stated:

“Police raided the DAP headquarters here last night in connection with the candle-light vigil two nights ago and seized a computer and 19 DVDs.”

"The one-hour raid by 12 plainclothes men headed by ASP Kamal Khan Mohd Shariff began at 6.25pm."

“Gobind later told reporters the police acted wrongly as they conducted the raid without a warrant.

“It is a clear-cut unlawful invasion and trespass of private property. I will be lodging a police report against the conduct of the raiding party,” he said.”

Read the full story HERE

Commodum ex iniuria sua nemo habere debet

No person ought to have advantage from his own wrong


Human rights group SUARAM has compiled a list of the May 2009 series of arrests, up to date it is as follows:

5 May 2009
1 arrest – Wong Chin Huat
(He was released on the 8th May)
Arrest at apartment in Seri Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur and taken to Bukit Aman then to IPD Brickfields, KL

6 May 2009
3 arrests – Sani Md Shah, Saufi Mihat, Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman
(Released under police bail on the 7th May)
Sending birthday cake to Prime Minister in Putrajaya

6 May 2009
1 arrest – Mohamad Sabu
(Released on the 7th May)
Near the Harakah office in Jalan Pahang Barat, Kuala Lumpur.

6 May 2009
14 arrests
(Released under the police bail on the 6th May)
Candlelight vigil outside IPD Brickfields, KL

7 May 2009
69 arrests
(Released on the 7th May)
Ipoh, Perak

7 May 2009
20 arrests
- Law Teck Hao (arrested on 6 and 7 May)
(Released under police bail on the 8th May)
Candlelight vigil outside IPD Brickfields, KL

7 May 2009
1 arrest – Eng Kiat
(Released under police bail on the 8th May)
Candlelight vigil in Penang

7 May 2009
10 arrests
(Released under police bail on the 7th May)
Candlelight vigil in Sarawak

19 May 2009
11 arrests
- Teo Nie Ching (arrested on 6 and 19 May)
(Released on the 20th May at 3am)
Candlelight vigil outside DAP MP Teresa Kok’s office

21 May 2009
16 arrested in Teratai, Ampang
(They were remanded for 2 days)
- Jenice Lee (arrested on 7 May in Perak ,19 May and 21 May)
Candlelight vigil outside DAP Teratai Service Centre

Total: 146 arrests (of 142 individuals)

Meanwhile what about the real criminals?

Surely the police resources could be put to better use apprehending them instead of what seems to be 'dancing to their political master's tune'?


Pathetic pompous police prattle from a peeved policeman!

The cops have, as reported in The Star online, denied allegations that they have acted beyond their jurisdiction when raiding the DAP headquarters to find the source of pamphlets printed and distributed without permit.

Selangor CID chief SAC II Hasnan Hassan was reported as saying that the issue of needing a warrant to search the premises should not arise because it was part of a follow up investigation where one of the detainees assisting with the probe led the police to the site.

Hassan was quoted as saying:

“Furthermore the raid had to be carried out immediately before the evidence was wiped out.

“Speed was of the essence and the raid had to be carried out during the weekend when the court is not in session."



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