Sunday 5 October 2008


Don't pay them ransoms, fill 'em with lead.

I fully agree with this sensible view as reported recently:

"Shooting pirates is OK – ex-judge

SHOOTING is an acceptable response to pirates, Thomas Mensah, former presiding judge at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, has declared.

He was taking part in discussion after an event last night organised by the London Shipping Law Centre and was responding to a question from the floor that proposed only two responses to pirates: “either pay them or shoot them.” Mensah said “paying them is out of the question” and offered a third option: arrest.

If that is not possible, then shooting them should be considered, if it can be done without harming the crew, he added.

It might also be considered even if there is a risk of “collateral damage” to the innocent, he suggested: “If you do it often enough, then the message will get out [to pirates] that you will be shot … and things will get a little better than now.”"


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