Friday 10 October 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy Trial, Latest News

Abdul Gani Patail, who is now Malaysia's Attorney General, is accused of trying to hide facts in the investigations into the shameful Anwar Ibrahim assault, better known as "the black eye incident".

This allegation was contained in the statement of claim filed by the then investigating officer of the case, Mat Zain Ibrahim, (who is now retired) was the Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigations Department chief, and he was responsible for finding out who had assaulted and given Anwar a black eye). and tendered as an exhibit, in the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case, it was read out by Anwar's lawyer Sulaiman Abdullah last Wednesday.

The statement alleged that Gani, who at that time was a senior deputy public prosecutor, had hidden facts of the investigations (tantamount to tampering with evidence?) from the then Attorney General Mohtar Abdullah.

Mat Zain also alleges that Gani had attempted to delay the investigations, whilst he (Mat Zain) was trying to complete them as soon as possible.

Mat Zain has claimed that Gani was present on the 39th floor of the Federal police HQ at Bukit Aman. Kuala Lumpur, on 20th September 1998, when Anwar was badly beaten by the then Inspector-General of Police, Abdul Rahim Noor.

He stated that he had submitted his investigation papers (IP) to Gani on 30
th October 1998, but one week later, the AG had issued a press statement claiming that neither he, nor any of his officers, had received the IP.

However, the AG's chambers confirmed they had received the IP on 20
th November 1998, only after Mat Zain had insisted that Gani confirm this fact.

On 6
th January 1999, the chambers concluded that Mat Zain's investigations were incomplete thus they could not identify who had assaulted Anwar.

Nevertheless, eventually, the then Inspector General of Police, Abdul Rahim Noor, was charged, on 23
rd April 1999 with assaulting Anwar Ibrahim, he subsequently pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two months imprisonment and was also fined RM2,000.

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