Saturday 16 January 2010

The Malay Drama Continues - God is Allah & Allah is God

BN / UNMO federal government of Malaysia seemingly 'concedes' on Allah for Sabah, Sarawak.

After months of bullshit, banter and verbal battles with the Roman Catholic Church, the UMNO / BN government, according to news heard on NTV7, and read at malaysiakini, appears to have finally 'conceded' regarding the 'Allah' non-issue for the Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak which are located to the north of Borneo.

This is a none-issue because Christians in those two states have always use the word 'Allah' in Malay Language Bibles, which, by the way, have to be imported and many have been recently been reported as having been prevented from import and impounded by the Customs & Excise Department.

Much ado about nothing once again, and seeming they concede when nothing has actually changed.

This is infantile premeditated political posturing, the typical sandiwara [Malay Drama] which has evidently become the normal modus operandi of UMNO / BN.

No one is fooled by what any bunch of crooked cronies concoct; their days are always numbered the writing written on the wall.

Malaysia has to change and it surely will be soon cleansed of the evilness now so prevalent.

AdiĆ³s to the corrupt, the arrogant, the selfish, the greedy, the liars and cheaters, the devious, the racists and the pretenders.

Let us all sing this to the tune of the lovely Christmas carol: "Hark the herald angels sing".

Hark the herald angels sigh,
'Gory are the lies, they've sinned!'
Peace on earth and love not lies,

God with Allah reconciled.
Joyful all ye Malaysians rise. Join in triumph as voters aye.

With a pure heart proclaim
Freedom is born in Bolehland again.

Hark the herald angels sigh,
'Gory are the lies, they've sinned!'

Acclinis falsis animus meliora recusat

The mind intent upon false appearances refuses to admit better things

Beneficium accipere libertatem est vendere

To accept a favour is to sell freedom.

Beati pacifici

Blessed are the peacemakers

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