Monday 5 October 2009

Malaysia - Listen to a Racist Radical & a Rational Realist

BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents travelled to Malaysia to explore the divide among races and spoke to the new generation of Malaysians pushing for more equality after decades of a system of racial preferences.

This extract features reporter Mukul Devichand speaking to Sue, a Malay Muslim.
Religion is important to her and this has influenced her views on race.

"If all of the Muslims would actually practice Islam like the Prophet did, then I don't think the Chinese and Indians would have a problem with the Islamic system " Sue.

To get a feeling of how things are in Malaysia with regards to racial harmony, tolerance, mutual understanding, open mindedness and unity, please listen to the views expressed in this video.

Now get the radical, ultra racist, intolerant, divisive, selfish and narrow minded view, by watching the video below.

"This is our land basically. We have already given one special privilege to the non-Malays, that is citizenship" Luqman.

This extract features reporter Mukul Devichand, of
BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents, speaking to Luqman, a Malay student leader at the Universiti Teknologi MARA, who last year led a street protest after an official from the opposition held State of Selangor, remarked that perhaps one in 10 university places at MARA should be opened to other races.

The full documentary was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday, 8 January, 2008.
To read more and watch other videos: click HERE

Acerrima proximorum odia

The hatred of those most nearly connected is the bitterest of all

A bove majori discit arare minor

The young ox learns to plough from the older

Ab alio spectes alteri quod feceris

As you do to another, expect another to do to you

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Spicy Sharon said...

No wonder its taking forever for Malaysia to reach develop status. we are stuck in a doom hole all this while.
Even if we reach 2020 do we "Deserve" the title "Developed nation"? It wouldn't be if fair and equality cannot be achieved. Not to mention the high levels of corruption going on.
That's why the "Minorities" in Malaysia aren't patriotic at all. Which Malaysian wanna defend their own country when we are treated like "Outsiders"?
That's why all the "Smart and educated" ones are leaving the country for good. No wonder Malaysia is still in a "Developing" state.